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i took all the research i had done into other photographers websites and the process started as a student on a budget (me) wanting to start up her business in event photography and portraiture by signing up for a free website builder with Wix and choosing what kind of website to create by customizing a template then uploading design features, adding text, a biography, important written information about the business and the services offered and a CV like Tom Duffield, Isabel Boaden, though i decided to link my indeed account CV to my website, which had already given me job opportunities and was up to date, there also wasn't an option to put indeed with the other social media links on my site like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Getting ready for business by adding galleries and a blog, linking social media sites and publishing the website to start building a professional online presence, which is all good experience for applications. I completed a SEO set up checklist to get my site ready for google search results by adding the homepage's description for search results, updating the text on the homepage, making the homepage visible in search results, optimizing the site for mobile devices, connecting the site to a custom domain (Premium feature) The domain chosen for my website is, connecting your site to Google Search Console, before Optimizing your site pages for search engines.

There were only a couple of issues with building my website, originally my website was started on Squarespace, where a month of work was put in for me to log in one day and it took me back to the start like nothing had been done. I also had a technical issue with my photo albums not publishing on my Wix site, I had to seek help from a technical assistant, who still did not fix the issue, so I had to start my photo albums again which set my work back, but will keep adding to the album into the future.

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